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Ang-ish Thing(s) by Min-Suck Kim – Degree Bachelor/Master

Min-Suck Kim


Clumsy… Clumsy… Clumsy… Guess what I'm doing now? Ang-ish or 앙스러운[angseureoun] is a neologism created to convey ambivalent meanings. This term encapsulates ‘Ang’, an unconscious exclamation people use to project their cuteness onto others, as well as the hidden fang/pang behind a cute appearance that leads to ‘Angst’. The Korean word '안쓰러운[ansseureoun]' refers to a feeling of pity for something pathetic, similar to what one might feel towards someone who is in ‘anguish’. However, it can also evoke an uncontrollable feeling of ‘anger’.
This body-based investigation aims to s(t)imulate the emergence of the Ang-ish Thing(s) as a parasitic being between cuteness and the monstrosity behind it.

Min-Suck Kim is a South Korean artist-researcher. He creates movements that are considered failures. This approach is rooted in a strong conviction: it’s more intriguing to be clumsy than to succeed in a boring way. His mission has always been to shape an aesthetic process that leads to failure and to bring that failure into the tangible world.

Concept/direction/performance: Min-Suck Kim
Vocal performance: Naledi Majola
Dramaturgy: Diego Agulló
Costume: Una Ryu
Sound design: Daniel Craig
Lighting design: Felix M. Ott
Feedback & support: Jeonggil Ok, Hyunho Park
Mentoring: Diego Agulló, Jee-Ae Lim
Tutoring: Nik Haffner, Sandra Noeth
Technical team: Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos, Nikola Pieper, Maximilian Stelzl
Special thanks to: Janez Janša, 05 Kim, Minjoo Shin
(With the support of Interflugs)