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maC Master Works 2022

Eva Papadopoulos: we could be heroes – Degree Bachelor/Master

© Eva Papadopoulos 2021

maC Master Work

In the darkness, the monster comes out. It was always there, but you never acknowledged how much it scares you. How much you scare you. In this hero's journey, the audience is invited to ask itself what it could mean to coexist for a while with the shadows within.

Through a shifting aural landscape, the space comes alive trough shadow and light. The performers, using voice and movement, try to bring to our conscious the most primal in us and to bring us face to face with the Sisyphean task of being human; our common shared experience. 

Now the exploration of what is perceived and what is real can begin.


Choreography: Evangelia Papadopoulos
Performers: Yuri Shimaoka, Maria Pasadaki, Guillaume Lemoine, Katja Zeyner Rasym
Lighting and Music Assistance: Natan Sinigaglia
Project Assistance: Pia Schwarz