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maC Master Works 2022

Hannah Schillinger | runners – Tanz

hannah schillinger

maC Master Work

the dance piece "runners" sets out to find out how the seemingly endless loops of exhaustion can finally be transformed into continuous processes of regeneration.

We have just run in the hamster wheel as capitalist performance subjects, and now we are running to pave the way for a sustainable future.
the transition of energy resources must be fast, there is not much time left.
finally gaining more energy sovereignty, that is the guiding principle.
not only at the political scale there is an immediate switch to renewable and self-generated energies necessary, the same applies to our bodies, because how we deal with ourselves is reflected in how we interact with the world.

with a focus on energetic sovereignty, "runners" in the reinbeckhallen oberschöneweide explores how energy levels and structures can be actively and regeneratively modulated and designed.


Concept & Choreography: Hannah Schillinger
Performance & Co-Choreography: Ariane Burghard, Aaron Lang, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Nikola Allaire, Sophia Obermeyer, Suet Wa Tam, Veronika Heisig, Valentina Menz, Yuchen Xie
Composition / Sound: Alex Zampini
Stage / Costume: Louis Schmitt
Light Design: Vito Walter
Dramaturgy: Katja Wiegand