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maC Master Works 2022

Lilly Pöhlmann | KREISEN – Tanz

© Lilly Pöhlmann

maC Master Work

KREISEN deals with the process and the state of exhaustion. Through the interplay of movement, sound and light, the choreography creates a resonance space that allows for ambiguity and raises the question of the transforming forces of exhaustion. Five dancers exhaust the circular shape and explore a state that oscillates between effort, emptiness, pleasure and endurance.

Concept and Choreography: Lilly Pöhlmann
Dance and Co-Choreography: Therese Bendjius, Felipe Fizkal, Martina Gambardella, Giulia Rossi and Bryn Thomas
Costume: Katri Saloniemi
Sound: Francisco Petrucci
Light: Nicolás San Martín 
Dramaturgy: Josefin Pöhlmann