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Modern Times – crescendo

Urban Ruths

In a double concert, software-supported jazz improvisations by pianist Konrad Bogen and Zuza Jasinska meet the big band of the Jazz Institute Berlin under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thorsten Wollmann.

The pianist Konrad Bogen (*1999) says about himself that he lives "a bit of the interdisciplinary principle". He is currently studying computer science at the TU Berlin, is a graduate of the Jazz Institute Berlin and is successful with his jazz trio. With his already award-winning project GRAF, he is therefore also moving at an interface - namely of programming and composition. In a team with computer scientists, composers and musicians, he has developed software that stores sonic improvisations as a data network. With a click on PLAY, the software creates a fully rendered score. And not only that, because the network is able to generate new variants again and again. Anyone and everyone can intervene in this process and create digital sound spaces and improvisations that will be heard on this concert evening. Writing down improvisations? No longer necessary! We invite you to join Konrad Bogen and the composer and jazz singer Zuza Jasinska in conversation and get to know the project.

In the second part of the evening, the big band of the Jazz Institute Berlin - JIB for short - under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thorsten Wollmann will play works by the Art Pepper Ensemble, original compositions and a wide variety of jazz standards in proven and new arrangements. Full sounds meet sound collages: Experience an evening full of sound, which may make you look at brand-new technologies in the field of artificial intelligence in jazz.

With: Zuza Jasinska, vocals / Konrad Bogen, piano / Bigband of the Jazz Institute Berlin, Thorsten Wollmann, conductor

crescendo is open to everyone! Therefore, all concerts are free admission.
Free reservations are possible here.

The UdK Berlin is committed to helping people in need. This year, half of the festival's donations will go to "Aktion Deutschland Hilft" to benefit earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.


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