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crescendo 2022: aufgefühlt [EN]

Mozart – Kla4 „a quattro“ – crescendo

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Four Mozart piano concerti - interpreted by four exceptional concert exam student of the UdK Berlin and accompanied by the ensemble Young Berlin Soloists und their musical director Luka Hauser.

Mozart's piano concertos, of which he composed 23 alone, have been performed many times and are popular concert program items on all sides. We offer four of them at once: the four works of the evening will not be accompanied by a large orchestra as usual, because they can also be performed "a quattro", i.e. as chamber music without the obligatory wind parts, as Mozart himself wrote in letters. Mozart composed the pieces in the fall and winter of 1782 in Vienna, and while the Concertos No. 11, No. 12 and No. 13 were also completed in a very short time, he did not finish the composition of the Piano Concerto No. 14, which he also considered a turning point in the composition of this genre, until a good year later. The soloists of the evening are four outstanding and award-winning concert students of the UdK Berlin, accompanied by the newly founded ensemble Young Berlin Soloists and its musical director Luka Hauser.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791):

Piano Concerto No. 11 F major KV 413

Piano Concerto No. 12 in A major KV 414

Piano concerto no. 13 C major KV 415

Piano concerto no. 14 E flat major KV 449


Marcel Mok, piano (No. 11)

Shihyun Lee, piano (No. 12)

Kyoungsun Park, piano (No. 13)
Mo Zhou, piano (No. 14)

Ensemble Young Berlin Soloists, conductor: Luka Hauser


crescendo is open for everyone! That’s why (almost) all concert are free of charge.

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