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crescendo 2022: aufgefühlt [EN]

Musica Inaudita – Konzert

Musica inaudita

Female composers in the focus - intercurricular concert with seldomly preformed solo- and chambermusic works, composed by women.

What music do we know? For our enjoyment of music, we rely largely on the traditions of others, on research, and on cultural practices. But this often means that many works never or barely have a chance to be experienced and felt. The feminist concert series Musica inaudita creates a stage for composers who have been passed over by historiography and concert life because of their gender, social or national origin, skin color, religion, sexuality, language, political or other views. The concert will exclusively feature rarely heard works by female musicians: Solo works, chamber music, and a large-scale madrigal illustrate the evening's range and high regard for these unjustifiably seldom performed works. Short introductions by the ensembles introduce the respective pieces and their female composers. This evening not only brings the unknown to the ears, it also provides insight into the structural discrimination of outstanding music and clarifies our task of revising it piece by piece.


Luise Greger (1862 - 1944): Frühlingshymne op. 18, Text: Rose Strauß
Ursula Mamlok (1923 - 2016): Four German Songs (1958), Text: Hermann Hesse
Sarvenaz Safari (*1984): Dialog
Version für Tenorstimme (2022) Uraufführung
Anna Amalia von Preußen (1723 - 1787): Sonate in F-Dur für Flöte und Basso continuo
Grazyna Bacewicz (1909 - 1969): Duety na tematy ludowe/ Duets on Folk Themes
Emiliana de Zubeldía (1888-1987): Canciones españolas
Mel Bonis (1858 - 1937): Sonate pur flûte et piano Andantino con moto
Lili Boulanger (1893 - 1918): Parfois, je suis triste
Isabelle Aboulker (*1938): La femme noyée
Raffaella Vittoria Aleotti (arr. Emily Jenkins) (1574 - 1646): Io v’amo vita mia
Leokadiya Kashperova (1872-1940): Noč
Paola Prestini (*1975): Apocalypse?
Reena Esmail (*1983): Tuttarana
Katerina Gimon (*1993): Fire
Henriëtte Bosmans (1895 - 1952): Nuit calme aus Impressions



students of the UdK Berlin

Chamber Choir and Women's Choir of the Arts, Conductor: Maike Bühle

Organization and artistic direction:

Lukas Kleitsch, Charlotte Riemann, Simon Scriba, Sophie Mattiuzzo and Thea von der Wense.


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Musica inaudita Team