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Vlasta Delimar | Diptych: From Love to Love (2022), 29’11” – Vortragsabend

© Vlasta Delimar

screening of the film
Followed by the talk with Vlasta Delimar moderated by Andrej Mirčev

Regarded as one of the most radical performance artists from former Yugoslavia, the work of Vlasta Delimar aims at liberating the body from socially imposed restrictions and taboos. She utilizes performances, photographs, collages and films to set in motion the unruly carnalities of desire. In her latest film Diptych: From Love to Love the artist unfolds a poetic reminiscence on the discovery of sensual and androgynous corporeality that became her primary artistic and performative tool. Challenging the petit-bourgeois moral fostered by patriarchal institutions such as church, school and family, the film stimulates erotic-aesthetic imagination. In an attempt to subvert the hypocrisy of society with its deeply entrenched somatophobia (Elizabeth Grosz), Delimar delivers with this intimate portrait both a courageous and fragile statement about the role, power and politics of female sexuality. The screening will be followed by a moderated talk (Prof. Dr. Andrej Mirčev) reflecting and discussing the particular context of south-east European performance cultures, in which the work of Vlasta Delimar has been germinating since the late 70s.


Andrej Mirčev is a performance/dance scholar and dramaturge from former Yugoslavia. He currently teaches at the Department of Stage Design at the UdK, Berlin.