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Implementation of the "SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Ordinance" of the State of Berlin at the Berlin University of the Arts

These regulations replace the regulations of 11 May, 25 May and 25 June 2020.

Basic regulations based on the Infection Protection Ordinance of the State of Berlin

  • At the Berlin University of the Arts, study, artistic work and research in the winter semester 2020/21, where possible under the given hygiene and distance regulations, should be carried out in presence, because practical presence formats, practical examinations and also (public) performance are indispensable, especially for artistic instruction and artistic work.
  • Where feasible without relevant restrictions, digital formats will be used in studies, teaching, research and artistic work in order to reserve university space for indispensable presence formats and to minimize the risk of infection through lower occupancy.
  • The principles set out in numbers 1 and 2 must ensure compliance with the following provisions of the Infection Protection Ordinance of the State of Berlin of September 1, 2020, which states: (§ 1 sentence 1): "Every person is required to keep physical social contact with other people to a minimum.
  • On this basis, the University continues to work in "operation under pandemic conditions".
  • For attendance formats, a record of attendance must be kept for four weeks. The recorded data must be kept for four weeks
  • Persons who are not members of the university are only admitted if it is essential for the university formats. This also allows public events where it is necessary for the purpose of university work. Permission for individual access by external persons continues to be granted by the Chancellor on the basis of informal requests from the departments concerned.
  • In Accordance to the "Berliner Stufenplan for University Operation under Pandemic Conditions" from October 1, 2020 onwards, it will be compulsory to wear mouth and nose protection on all traffic areas in the buildings.
  • In addition it is also recommended to use mouth-and-nose protection especially when rooms are shared and during meetings. Mouth and nose protection is also recommended for teaching purposes where possible.
  • The following extended opening hours will apply from 1 October 2020:

a.    Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 10 pm (except on public holidays):
- Bundesallee,
- Fasanenstraße 1b,
- Hardenbergstrasse 33,
- Hardenbergstraße 41,
- Lietzenburgerstraße 45,
b.    Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 10 pm (except on public holidays):
- Straße des 17. Juni,
- Grunewaldstraße,
- Mierendorffstraße 30
c.    The Einsteinufer is still open Monday to Friday, 7 am to 8 pm.
d.    For the buildings
- Franklin Straße
- Grainauerstraße,
- Karlsruher Straße,
- Salzufer
accesses are to be coordinated as required with the Building Management Department; at most within the above-mentioned time frames according to a).
- In addition, the following opening hours will apply from 1 November 2020:
- Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. - midnight (except on public holidays):
- Hardenbergstraße 33
- Straße des 17. Juni
- Fasanenstraße 1b
(on the other days the opening hours are the same as under no. 14).
- These regulations are part of the pandemic plan of the Berlin University of the Arts.
- The Hygiene Plan, which is valid until further notice, is part of the Pandemic Plan.
- The generally applicable hygiene and distance regulations are posted in the buildings.

Activities in administration and service
- Administrative and service employees will continue to work primarily in mobile work outside the university, provided that this or a change with periods of presence in the office allows all official tasks to be fulfilled. A corresponding Dienstvereinbarung with the regulations in detail will come into force in October 2020.

Regulations in detail for the forms of presence mentioned above
- For the individual formats, the respective current risk assessment specifications must be taken into account.
- If formats are planned for the first time, the company physician must be consulted to prepare a risk assessment, which must be approved by the university management.
- The specifications of the university management based on the risk assessment by the company physician must be followed without fail.
- If hygiene standards, safety measures, specifications of room use and time schedules are not observed, users must be excluded from further use of the premises.
- No waiting situations may arise within the buildings without observing the minimum distance.
- If the specified period of time for room use has elapsed, the user must leave the building.
- Rooms other than those specified may not be used.

All regulations are subject to further changes of the infection protection ordinance in the state of Berlin and the Federal Republic of Germany.