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New regulation to contain the pandemic

On the basis of the "Fourth Ordinance to Amend the SARS-CoV-2 Containment Measures Ordinance" of the State of Berlin, passed by the Berlin Senate on April 21, 2020, regulations for implementation were defined with the crisis team of the UdK Berlin.


In principle, the following applies:

  • Berlin's universities are still closed for classroom teaching and public access
  • On the basis of this emergency operation, the buildings of the Berlin University of the Arts are still not freely accessible
  • Every access is still an exceptional permission in a mandatory individual case

Two phases are defined for exceptional access:

  • Phase 1 begins at the earliest on 27 April 2020 under the condition that all plans are available in detail, have been examined in the context of a risk assessment by the company doctor and the Building Management Department and have then been approved by the university management.
  • Phase 2 can begin at the earliest on 11 May 2020, but is subject to further development and political decisions.


For Phase 1, which will start on 27 April at the earliest, only mandatory individual situations (one person in one room) are planned.

For Phase 2, which can be scheduled to begin on 11 May at the earliest (in accordance with the decisions of the State of Berlin), it is expected that mandatory exceptional admissions for rooms with a maximum of three persons can be provided.


The University Library will be open for loan from 4 May at the earliest.


For administrative and service activities the following still applies:

  • We work mainly in the home office. Further licenses are available.
  • Individual attendance times, which are indispensable especially due to the necessary support of the semester operation, can be granted. Presences are usually implemented in individual offices. 
  • Mandatory attendance requirements are made by superiors (in the faculties and centres in coordination with the deans and directors).


On the procedure regarding phase 1 and phase 2:

  • Deans of the faculties/directors of the centres submit plans to the university management for individual areas/degree programmes for the exemption possibilities of phase 1 and, if necessary, also phase 2.
  • The plans are then examined and evaluated by the Building Management Department and the company doctor as part of a risk assessment. The university management, the Building Management Department and the company physician decide together on the basis of the assessment on the use permit.
  • Based on the risk assessments, faculties and centres then work out concrete occupancy plans, schedules and lists of names, which are submitted to the university management for final approval.


The Building Management Department will deposit the approved room and time plans together with the name lists at the gates.


Exceptionally approved access to the buildings can only be provided during the period from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except on public holidays).

The Einsteinufer will remain open as usual Monday to Friday from 7 am to 5 pm (except on public holidays).


It is mandatory to comply with the following regulations for all individual plans and accesses.

  • the known regulations on health protection:
  1. Keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres; in case of high aerosol emissions (e.g. singing and wind instruments) up to 6 metres
  2. Wash your hands regularly.
  3. Disinfection of shared tools and equipment before / after changing rooms
  4. Compliance with the cough and sneeze label
  5. Regular ventilation of rooms
  6. People with respiratory tract infections or fever always stay at home.
  • Except at individual workplaces, it is recommended to wear mouth and nose protectors indoors.
  • Disinfectants are kept ready for hygienic hand disinfection by the building management department in the houses.
  • If approved plans for exceptional use are not adhered to, people must be excluded from use.
  • No waiting situations may arise within the houses.
  • If the specified period of time for the use of a room has elapsed, the building must be left immediately.
  • Rooms other than those specified may not be used.


The regulations enclosed are part of the pandemic plan of the UdK Berlin, which we are constantly updating. The current version of the plan will soon be available on the intranet.


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