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Regulations for pandemic operations during the winter semester 2021/22 at the UdK Berlin

Update 9 November 2021

Effective immediately for both 3g-events and events held in 2g,

  • That you wear FFP2 masks where possible (and not precluded by the artistic work),
  • that you maintain distances of approx. 1 meter, even at 2g, if possible
  • that you pay attention to regular ventilation - this does not mean tilting windows, but rather shock ventilation with open window sashes for at least 5 minutes every 30 minutes.
  • For all 3g formats, distance and masking must continue to apply in any case; ventilation must be ensured here as well.
  • For events with an audience, from now on, visitors* must comply with 2g, with the exception of children under 12 years of age, who need a negative test, and people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and accordingly need a negative test. Click here for further informations.


In addition, please note:

2) If you have cold symptoms, please stay home. Employees may work in a home office as much as possible. Otherwise, employees or even students will call in sick. Only when there has been a sustained improvement in acute cold symptoms for more than 48 hours is it possible to return to the University.

3) Procedure in case of infection

a.   Persons who are infected and have tested positive do not come back to the university, inform their superiors (students inform their teachers) and please report directly by e-mail to the company doctor (betriebsarzt_

b.   Independent of reporting to the university's company physician/instructors/supervisors are the measures established by the Health Department for persons who are infected and for contact persons.

c.   "Close contacts" are currently defined by the RKI as the following (RKI - Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 - Kontaktpersonen-Nachverfolgung (KP-N) bei SARS-CoV-2-Infektionen).

  • Staying in the near field of the case (<1.5 m) for longer than 10 minutes without adequate protection# (adequate protection = case and contact person consistently and correctly wearing MNS [mouth-nose protection] or FFP2 mask).
  • Conversation with case (face-to-face contact, <1.5 m, regardless of duration of conversation) without adequate protection# or direct contact (with respiratory secretions).
  • Contact person (and case) being in the same room with likely high concentration of infectious aerosols regardless of distance for longer than 10 minutes, even if MNS (mouth-nose protection) or FFP2 mask was worn consistently and correctly.

d.   Contacts are to be identified starting 2 days before symptom onset of the index person; if no symptom onset is known, 2 days before positive PCR test applies.

e.   Individuals who fall into the "close contact" group will be identified by the supervisor/ teacher along with the infected individual.

The following applies:

  • All who have not been vaccinated must stay home for 10 days. "Free testing" possible with PCR test if symptom free from day 5 of quarantine.
  • All who are vaccinated and symptom-free may continue to come to the university and watch for symptoms. PCR testing is recommended.
  • All who develop symptoms must seclude themselves until symptoms have resolved and take a PCR test immediately.
    • PCR testing is free (through primary care physicians) if one has symptoms, for both ill persons and close contacts.
    • Symptom-free close contacts currently have to pay for the PCR tests themselves.
    • In case of risk contact via the Corona warning app, a PCR test should also be performed according to the RKI recommendation. In this case, we recommend that you visit your doctor, as the cost of the PCR test can be covered by the health insurance if there is a risk.  


All previously valid regulations continue to apply, unless otherwise described above.

Status: 9 November 2021