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Regulations for pandemic operations during the winter semester 2021/22 at the UdK Berlin

Update 10 December 2021

3g in the workplace

  • Beginning Monday, November 29, 2021, the gates and service providers will check each person entering our buildings for 3g status.
  • In addition, each person will be recorded in a list upon entry.
  • Gatekeepers and service providers are instructed to turn away those who cannot provide proof of 3g.
  • Self-tests do not count as proof. A receipt from a testing center must be maintained.

To be noted:

Employees in all status groups who do not provide the evidence cannot provide home office by their own choice. Employees who do not provide evidence that they have been vaccinated or have recovered are required to provide a negative test result from a test center that is no more than 24h old.

Obligation of the employer to offer home office

  • We are obliged to offer home office for office workplaces, where business reasons do not prevent this.
  • At the same time, we are obligated to maintain full study and teaching attendance.
  • It must be ensured that presence at the workplace only occurs in exceptional cases through multiple occupancy in the offices. Regular alternating presence must be provided here, taking home office solutions into account. (Special regulations apply to open-plan offices).
  • Office workplaces are therefore generally to be occupied at a maximum of 50% if this is possible for business reasons.
  • As before, scheduling and coordination will take place with superiors.

Home office is only possible where the official tasks can also be completely fulfilled by a share of home office.

The two aforementioned regulations on "3g at the workplace" and "obligation to offer home office" are valid until March 19, 2022, according to the current resolution situation in the federal government.


Due to critical pandemic developments, the crisis team has also established the following supplemental regulations:

Masks and distance, digital / online formats

  1. All classes (in the status 2g as 3g) are mandatory only with mask and with 2 meters distance, regardless of the artistic discipline.
  2. It is possible to work with medical masks instead of FFP2, but then they have to be changed very regularly (depending on the discipline every hour / every half hour) because of rapid moisture penetration.
  3. the only exception for lessons without masks: individual lessons on wind instruments and individual lessons on singing / speech training / acting (max. 3 persons: teacher / student / répétiteur // or 2 persons without mask in "duet" / in scenic work accompanied by teachers) can still take place without mask. Distance and ventilation regulations must be taken into account. Teacher wears mask as far as possible. Distance: 3m. This class is reserved for vaccinated and recovered persons. 2gplus" with daily rapid test applies. Classes are voluntary. Students or teachers who consider the risk to be too high do not have to participate in this class or teachers provide digital instruction as a substitute at their own discretion.
  4. lessons / artistic formats with more persons than under number 3, in which no mask can be worn, are only exceptionally possible with a negative PCR test. Thus, all ensemble works in which at least individual ensemble members cannot wear a mask are also only possible if the ensemble members who cannot wear a mask can present a negative PCR test.
  5. the PCR tests can be omitted in the disciplines in which masks cannot be worn (singing, acting. wind instruments, dance) if a third vaccination is already available (booster vaccination)
  6. lessons that are not possible with a mask must otherwise be moved to the digital with immediate effect, in order to enable at least part of the instruction. Exception see nos. 3, 4 and 11.
  7. the PCR test has a validity of 48 hours.
  8. office work shall only be done in single office use (special regulation for open-plan offices).
  9. all committee meetings are to be moved to digital, as far as possible without restrictions. Exceptions can be hearings in the artistic field. But even these can no longer take place without a mask.
  10. in order to comply with the official recommendations for contact reduction, we also ask all those for whom digital teaching is also generally possible to return to digital.
  11. For upcoming exams in the faculties of music and performing arts, as well as jazz and dance, medically justifiable exceptions (e.g. 2g plus current PCR test) will be examined on a case-by-case basis.


  • The ventilation cycles, ventilation at least every 30 minutes for 5 minutes, are mandatory in all formats (2g and 3 g).

Exception for online classes

  • For classes with unvaccinated participants in an artistic discipline where a mask cannot be worn, instructors may provide digital instruction for these individual cases until the Christmas break.

Mandatory testing for students

  • In a change from the previous policy, students who are not vaccinated or recovered will also be required to submit a negative rapid test no more than 24 hours old.

For the fulfillment of all testing obligations and also voluntary tests, we again refer to the use of the test centers / free citizen tests, which are to be used with priority.


We also point out again:

Persons with symptoms are not allowed to come to the University. These individuals will either work in the home office if possible or call in sick. This also applies to mild cold symptoms.

Status: 10 December 2021