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Regulations for the semester operation in the summer semester 2021

Based on the ordinance of the State of Berlin dated 27.3.021, the following regulations apply at the UdK Berlin for the summer semester 2021 until further notice:

All previous regulations for the pandemic operation continue to apply, unless otherwise regulated below.

A.    Work in administration and service

•    Necessary administrative tasks for the preservation of study and university operations shall be performed in a home office whenever possible. Ensure all tasks are completed to maintain semester operations.
•    NEW: Ensure that at least half of the administrative staff who work in clerical positions work in home offices. Employees shall be present for this on a rotating basis, where at all necessary, in coordination with supervisors.
•    Employees with caregiving responsibilities, in coordination with their supervisors, use home office, compensatory time, or time off, where feasible (but with the understanding that priority is given to home office or compensatory time).

B. Artistic and scholarly work (not related to study and teaching; see item D for details).

•    Artistic and scholarly work by members of Groups 1 and 2 may be conducted at the University in indispensable cases where University facilities are necessary for such work.


•    Continued compliance with spacing and sanitation regulations applies to all University areas.
•    NEW: all groups are required to wear mouth-to-nose protection with the use of medical masks on all surfaces, including in class (unless artistic work makes this impossible).
•    NEW: in class, students must wear FFP2 masks (unless the subject makes it impossible) as per state regulation.
•    External persons have access only if it is essential. Individual requests should be directed to the Registrar through the division heads (deans' offices/directorates, etc.).
•    NEW: extended opening hours as of 12.4.2021.
a.    all houses (except Einsteinufer).
Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. - new 10 p.m.
Friday and Saturday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
b.    additionally in HA33, Lietzenburger Str., Bundesallee and Fasanenstraße:
new, Sunday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
c.    On holidays, the houses are generally closed. This also applies on Easter for Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday.
d.    Einsteinufer continues: Mon-Fri 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.).
•    NEW: Use of rapid/self-testing:
a.    per current state regulation, UdK employer must offer testing up to 2 times per week to all individuals who are not home office only.
b.    Also, mandatory testing applies to all events of 5 or more persons.
c.    Important: the tests are only to be seen as a safeguard for the existing formats. They cannot currently contribute to an expansion of the practical formats according to the resolution of the state of Berlin for the universities.
d.    A concept for the regulation decided on 27.3. is currently in progress. More information will follow.

D.    Regulations for classes, exams, and student work:
•    Essential face-to-face exams will take place where they are not digitally feasible.
•    Essential face-to-face entrance exams will take place where they are not digitally feasible.
•    Individual artistic and scientific work is possible at the university in essential cases (deadlines / exam preparation).
•    The following are considered to be maximum occupancies
a.    Artistic face-to-face classes 5 students plus a maximum of 2 teachers (or 6 students plus 1 teacher).
b.    Attendance examinations and entrance examinations are to be provided in the smallest possible form.
c.    No more than 5 persons shall be present in any room for individual artistic/scholarly work.

E.    University Library
The University Library will continue to have digital lending only. As before, details can be found directly on the UB page.

As of 3/31/21