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Statement on racist attacks on international students of the UdK Berlin

A few days ago international students of the UdK Berlin were racially attacked outside the university. The discriminatory assaults were directly related to the global corona pandemic and its impact on our living together.  In view of these incidents, the UdK Berlin feels compelled to take a clear position:

"If people are classified according to external or (supposed) cultural characteristics and the "others" are classified as less valuable or even as a danger to "us", then this is called racism," is the definition of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

Those frequently affected by racist attacks based on actual or attributed group-specific characteristics have been people who are perceived as "Asian". The University of the Arts strictly rejects any form of these racist and discriminatory assaults against our university members.  Our solidarity therefore extends to all those affected, excluded, attacked, injured or insulted.

The UdK Berlin considers itself responsible for acting in a discrimination-sensitive and differentiated manner at all levels; silence is the wrong way. We clearly oppose such agressive and degrading actions and support those victimized in any way our institution can.

The university management and members of the UdK Berlin therefore show solidarity with their international guests, students, teachers, staff and partner institutions at home and abroad in rejecting and combating this discriminatory actions.