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UdK Berlin will close its buildings to students and the public from 18 March 2020

UdK Berlin takes further measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

The Berlin University of the Arts sees it as its duty to protect the health of all its members and to counteract further spread of the coronavirus. After the cancellation of concerts, exhibitions and other events, the university management has now decided to minimize the number of social contacts in the university so that the transmission of the virus in the rooms is prevented as far as possible. This means that the buildings will be closed to the public and students from Wednesday, 18 March 2020 until further notice. In addition, the closure of all buildings has been ordered daily from 8 pm and on weekends, and the cafeterias will be closed from that date. Only lecturers and members of the administration and service departments will be allowed access to the buildings in order to ensure the basic operation of the university. Students will be informed promptly about the handling of examinations already scheduled. Applications for the winter semester will be accepted by mail. 
The modalities of the entrance examinations will be announced in due course.

This closure of all buildings for study, independent artistic work, examination preparations and workshop activities is derived from the particularities of artistic education, which - unlike in scientific teaching formats - is material-bound, body-related and often takes place in intensive physical encounters, organised in group work or collectively in the studios, workshops and rehearsal rooms. In view of a not yet fully clarified scientific position on the transmission paths on objects and surfaces and an impracticable control of interactions in groups, the UdK Berlin considers this approach to be 

Prof. Dr. Norbert Palz, First Vice President and Head of the UdK Berlin: "We are aware that this course of action goes further than the current directives of the Senate Chancellery. Due to the far-reaching responsibility we have for our teachers, students and employees, but also for society as a whole, and the specifics of artistic work, we consider it necessary to act in a differentiated manner and to make our contribution to counteract the spread of the coronavirus".

At the same time, the UdK Berlin is working in a working group to investigate which study programmes could be taught online in order to be able to continue to offer lessons at least in part. The administrative operation is carried out in compliance with the necessary hygiene measures and the applicable rules on teleworking, which are constantly being developed.

13 March 2020

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