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Friederike Fröbel

source: Roger Gbekou

How could knowledge on climate change reach communities that are disconnected from the global knowledge community? 
Minodu aims to co-create a participatory format of science communication in the context of sustainable land management in the rural region of Kara in Togo. The word "Minodu" comes from Ewe, a language spoken in Togo, and translates as "let's be together" or "let's work together". Accordingly, the project is to be developed in collaboration with students from the University of Kara who possess insights from both the academic world and community life in their villages of origin.
The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the category “Sustainable land management in sub-Saharan Africa: Improving livelihoods through on-the-ground research” as part of the BMBF’s ‘Research for Sustainability’ (FONA) strategy (FKZ 01LL2202A).

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