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Application Form 2nd Round

Application for a Fellowship of the Graduate School (Round 2)

Please fill out the following form if the jury has selected you for the second round of the application process.
Statement regarding the time availability during the fellowship period
Application Documents for Round 2
Here you have the possibility to upload further supporting documents. These can be in particular:
– Description of a teaching format planned at the UdK Berlin,
– Information on possible cooperation partners for the project,
– Existing relevant reference letters, etc.

Please make sure that all your documents are directly related to your project.
Upload all documents as one PDF file (max. 10 MB), named with "Last Name_First Name_2023_Round 2".
Reference Person(s)
Please provide the contact details of at least one person from a discipline relevant to the project who knows you and your artistic work.
The jury reserves the possibility to contact this person before or in the days following the interview in order to gain a better understanding of your project and your working methods through concrete questions.

Please inform your reference about this possibility.
However, whether or not the jury will contact your reference person does not indicate the success of your application.