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Das Kapital der Tränen

Das Kapital der Tränen


Six actresses, what is to be said to that. One more fragile than the other. One whiff and you so will have blown these porcelain creatures with their big bambi eyes and their reddish blonde waving hair through the marriage room, that they will be smashed directly at the back wall and shambles. So: Don’t take a too deep breath, people! Ethereal was the word! Gracefully, full of vulnerability, depth, shy as deer and still: inner strength.  Moving. Lush.

It could be that one will be giving birth tonight. That is why we are always having a bucket and 911 ready. Take notice of the breasts. If one cries onto those, at that naked and in the presence of Jürgen Vogel, before you will say:”Well, now you can have me” – then that will be something. Yes! That is show business. A real glamour world. Boo-hoo. Glitter. Boo-hoo.

It could be that we have come across a sobbing guerrilla-camp here. But what the hell is that supposed to be? What are these women training for? What are they intending? Who are they fighting for?



26 27 30

8 p.m.


01 02 03

8 p.m.


Hochzeitssaal, sophiensaele

Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin-Mitte


BY AND WITH Elisabeth Baulitz, Stefanie Frauwallner, Eva Löbau, Valerie Oberhof, Stephanie Petrowitz, Vanessa Stern DIRECTOR Vanessa Stern DRAMATURGE Dietmar Schmidt SET Eike Böttcher, Jelka Plate PRODUCTION Kerstin Wiehe

Thanks to the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. and the Graduiertenschule für die Künste und die Wissenschaften der UdK/ Einsteinstiftung. With the courtesy of Kostümkollektiv. Thank you to our media partner taz.die tageszeitung.