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Exhibition „Modus inter Modes“

Exhibition „Modus inter Modes“

Our alumnus Ulrich Urban opens on Friday, 29th May 2015, his solo exhibition “Modus inter Modes” in Düsseldorf.

In “Modus inter Modes” the Berlin artist Ulrich Urban critically questions the connection between global value chain and international migration based on the term intermodal integration. He exposes our difficulties to realise the closely connected dependencies and consequences, to think about it together and to relate it to our very own life like our brain develops realities. We create one reality from a variety of sensory, cognitive and emotional impressions, what triggers consecutive distorted perception and sensory disorders. It is hard to recognise the consequences of economic, financial, social and political decisions when these phenomena are underrepresented in our everyday life.

Ulrich Urban questions how we can handle these conditions of reality in a more constructive, emancipated and integrative manner. For the exhibition, he develops an installation which examines the contents hermeneutically by the means of sculptures, photographs and sounds.

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Opening: 29th May 2015, 7pm
Exhibition: 30th May to 26th June 2015
Artist-talk: 26th June 2015

Studio For Artistic Research
Ackerstraße 33
40233 Düsseldorf