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"Landing Strip for the Milky Way" at Kang Contemporary

Abstract image in brown and white.

120 cm x 80 cm Vorstoß. Three layers of drawings from ironed milk

 source: Lisa Glauer

In Landing Strip for the Milky Way, Alumna Lisa Glauer exhibits various series of artwork and light installations using diverse media. One series involves multi-layered drawings on paper in various shades of ochre yellow, dark orange and brown. Back-lit with LED light panels, they depict military technology developed by the arms industry.

Her investigative research led her to the urban SanDiego/Tijuana border area. A man-made steel barrier is currently being erected to literally wall-off humans attempting to migrate. The increased impermeability and physical density found here – along with a massive industrial presence – interfere with the natural flow of water.

Additionally, growing military and industrial production is having a detrimental effect on both the environment and the regional population. Indeed, research conducted by the Scripps Institute shows that human breast milk in the SanDiego/Tijuana region is the most contaminated in the world.

When? Where?
11 Arpil to 31 May 2019
Lindenstraße 90 I Mendelssohn Platz
10969 Berlin

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