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La dernière Crise – Frauen am Rande der Komik: Immer Ich!



 source: Jan Grygoriew

Alumna Vanessa Stern introduces a new episode of her large comedy laboratory show La Dernière Crise - Frauen am Rande der Komik in the Festsaal at Sophiensæle in Berlin.
The women on the edge of comedy are embarking on their ninth year and yet, are new and fresh every time. Stern discovers funny, talented people where actually are none. She herself is always modestly at the center of attention and at every step of the way, leads the evening with skillful incompetence – a nona fide expert in her field! Ladies are offered as canapés and as the main ‘curse,’ so to speak: raw, completely untreated or comically prepared to superstar standards. The motto in March: ALWAYS ME!

Language: German

When? Where?
20 March 2020, 8 pm

Sophiensaele, Festsaal
Sophienstraße 18

10178 Berlin

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