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Was bleibt | Šta ostaje | What remains / Re-visited

The film Was bleibt | Šta ostaje | What remains / Re-visited by our alumna Clarissa Thieme is part of the digital film festival German Documentary Showcase - a collaboration between Anthology Film Archives and German Film Office (an initiative by the Goethe-Institut and German Films).

Was bleibt | Šta ostaje | What remains / Re-visited is a re-encounter with the places and landscapes that played the leading role in Thieme’s earlier film, Was bleibt | Šta ostaje | What remains (Berlinale 2010): sites of war crimes in the 1990s in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ten years later, Thieme returns – with those past recordings in tow. The new work is an experimental filmic inquiry that invites interactions from locals without coercing them. The result is a careful approach to the places as well as the people there, permeated by the questions of what was, what is, and how one can speak about it.

With the documentary showcase, Anthology Film Archives present a series attesting to the rich body of non-fiction films that have been produced in Germany in recent years. By no means a definitive survey, the selection nevertheless illustrates the thematic diversity, aesthetic innovation, and passionate socio-political engagement of contemporary German documentary cinema.


When? Where?

February 17th - March 2nd, 2021

Stream the film for free here (registration required)