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This Road Is Me(mory) In My Body: And There Are Other Plantations

“This performance lecture looks into palm oil through social, political, cultural, economic exchanges in local and global contexts. My palm oil memories are deep rooted in Benin City. Over the years, due to mass capitalist intervention, palm fruit and its extracts have been exploited and misrepresented. Those of us with ancestral and generational relationship with this fruit and its extracts attempt to reposition it, we have to reimagine a better future for it. By looking into its past, we confront where we are now and how we got here? What do you know about palm oil?” Omonblanks

The Privilege of Dreaming, initiated by Luïza Luz, is a mobile installation and intersectional learning platform. The project is growing a network of humans, other-than-humans, and initiatives while approaching topics of privilege, dreams, resistance, and empathy across borders, and beyond academic contexts.

Part of Haus der Statistik’s exhibition Positioned Realities, curated by Non-Depleted 

When? Where?
18 March 2022, 6pm
Haus der Statistik, Haus A
Karl-Marx-Allee 1
10178 Berlin

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