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Constance Krüger

Disertation Project

Art and Feminism in Poland during the Nineteen-Seventies (working title)

Can feminism exist in a socialist state such as Poland? My dissertation begins with the thesis that feminist points of view only become visible in Poland through an analysis of artistic action, since there was no politically or socially active women’s movement in Poland.The political liberalization in Poland in the beginning of the nineteen-seventies created a socio-cultural situation that made possible a decade-long exchange between East and West in a new way. This brought artists in Poland into contact with feminist movements in Western Europe and the USA. My project asks about the extent to which the work of these artists developed positions that were critical of the gender images propagated by the state and experienced in real life. It follows an art-sociological approach focused on the artistic actions of these female artists. I situate the analysis of individual works of art, performances, and activities in the context of the neo-avant-garde and its exhibition practice. 


Studies in art history and gender studies at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Jagiellonen University in Kraków. After graduation, employment at the Gallery LeGeurn in Warsaw and volunteer in the exhibition project Door to Door: Poland–Germany, 1000 Years of Art and History, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin. Subsequently employed as the personal assistant to the director. 
Since 2013, member of the editorial board of H-Arthist.