For more detailed information, please change to the German version of this website. is the online publication of the Research Training Group “Knowledge in the Arts.” Since 2013, members of the research group and their guests have used this forum to present their projects. Themes of the various issues are developed out of the research of our members in coordination with the research group’s workshops and events.

New issues appear according to a flexible schedule, edited by changing teams. Issues bring together contributions in the form of texts, images, and audio productions, ranging from academic essays, reviews, and conversations to curated image series and audio documents.

Through a tagging system, the website grows with each issue as concepts and cross-references are added. Readers can build and print a portfolio of contributions ordered by author, concepts, or issue.

Published Issues

Issue #10 "Das Wissen der Künste ist ein Verb – ein Glossar," May 2021 

Issue #9 “sharing/learning as a Scaffold of Traces,” February 2021 (edited by Juana Awad, Irina Raskin)

Issue #8 "On Decolonial Deferrals," November 2019/ December 2020 (edited by Juana Awad, Maja Figge, Grit Köppen, Katrin Köppert)

Issue #7 “CREATING FACTS,” November 2017 (edited by Ina Driemel, Lisa Großmann, Maximilian Haas, Robert Patz, and Renate Wöhrer)

Issue #6, “Learning From: Texts about documenta 14,” July 2017 

Issue #5, “Photography as a Means of Knowledge: Architecture and Performance Research,” October 2016 (edited by Lisa Großmann, Constance Krüger, and Renate Wöhrer)

Issue #4 “Provisional,” November 2015 (edited by Christina Dörfling and Svenja Rokitta) 

Issue #3 “Draft/Model,” November 2014 (edited by Tiago da Costa e Silva, Ralf Liptau, and Nina Wiedemeyer)

Issue #2 “Opaque Evidence,” June 2014 (edited by Daniela Fugellie and Johann Honnens)

Issue #1 “Formations and Practices of Knowledge,” October 2013 (edited by Moritz Schumm and Nina Wiedemeyer)