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Teaching Mobility for Academic Staff

Mobility for Teaching Purposes/Teacher Mobility (STA)

Erasmus+ sponsors guest lecturers at European partner universities which hold a valid Erasmus Charta for Universities (ECHE). The aim of guest lectureships is to consolidate the European dimension of the guest university by their presence, supplementing the teaching on offer and conveying their specialist knowledge to students who do not wish to or are unable to study abroad. Where possible, there should be some development of joint study programmes at the partner universities, as well as an exchange of teaching content and methods. Staff from foreign companies and organizations can also be invited to German universities on teaching contracts. Staff mobility must take place in a programme country that is neither the country of the dispatching university nor the main country of residence of the staff member in question. 

Staff from a German university with an ECHE can be sponsored for teaching at a receiving university with an ECHE (outgoing mobility), as well as staff from a different institution, based in a different country in the programme (incoming mobility) that operates on the labour market or in the field of general and professional training or youth work coming to a German university with an ECHE in order to teach.

Periods of teaching within Europe last from two days to two months (excluding travel times in each case); the teaching load should be at least eight hours per stay or per week or part week.

Members of the following groups can be sponsored:

•Professors and lecturers with a permanent university contract

•Lecturers without endowment  

•Teachers with temporary contracts  

•Professors emeritus and retired university teachers

•Scientific assistants  

•Company staff 


Die Fördersumme eines ERASMUS+ Stipendium für Hochschulmitglieder setzt sich aus Tagespauschalen und einer Reisekostenpauschale zusammen. Je nach Gastland und Aufenthaltsdauer variiert die Stipendienhöhe.

Finanzierung aus CALL 2023:
solange Mittel vorhanden sind: MAX. finanzielle Förderdauer 3 Tage plus Reisekostenpauschale.

Finanzierung aus CALL 2022:
solange Mittel vorhanden sind: MAX. finanzielle Förderdauer 3 Tage plus Reisekostenpauschale.

Finanzierung aus CALL 2021: MITTEL AUFGEBRAUCHT
solange Mittel vorhanden sind: MAX. finanzielle Förderdauer 5 Tage plus Reisekostenpauschale, An- und Abreisetage zählen nicht mit.
Bei Mobilitäten von maximal 2 Tagen gewähren wir einen zusätzlich geförderten Reisetag, wenn dieser nicht auf einen Aufenthaltstag fällt.

Weitere Informationen dazu finden Sie in unserem Download-Center.



If you are interested in a mobility abroad or if you already have an invitation from a European partner university, please contact Livia Romero from the International Office of the UdK Berlin.

A1 Certificate for Business Trips Abroad

For business trips to an EU country or to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, the so-called A1 certificate is required. It serves as proof abroad that there is insurance coverage in Germany due to the employment. The A1 certificate is applied for by the personnel office after receipt of your application for a business trip from the health insurance company in the case of persons with statutory insurance, and from the German Federal Pension Fund (Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund) in the case of persons with private insurance. The business trip may only be approved and started after the certificate has been issued. If the certificate is not issued, the trip cannot be approved. You will receive a printout of the certificate, which you must carry with you during the trip and present during inspections. In the event of a breach of the notification requirements, considerable fines are to be expected, which would have to be borne by the business traveler if the A1 certificate had not been applied for. 

Due to the required A1 certificate, business trips to an EU country or to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland must be applied for at the personnel office four weeks before the start of the trip.