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Erasmus+ Internship

Erasmus+ Internship

The programme ERASMUS+ funds periods of practical experience abroad in one of the member states of the EU and EFTA as well as Turkey. Fundings are available for students at UdK for an internship lasting between 2 and 6 months.

All enrolled students at UdK Berlin, independent of age, nationality and country of origin can apply for an Erasmus+ Internship Grant. We do not support graduate internships!

Students can be funded by Erasmus+ for a total of twelve months per academic cycle, whereby Erasmus study and Erasmus internships are calculated together.

• 12 funding months in first study cycle (Bachelor)

• 12 funding months in second study cycle (Master)

    For study program with one-stream degree programs such as Fine Arts and Arts and Media, student can be founded with Erasmus+ Grants up to 24 months.

    Application Requirements for an Erasmus+ Internship Grant

    • You are regularly enrolled at the UdK Berlin at the time of application and during the entire internship
    • You do not exceed the 12 months of ERASMUS+ funding quota per study cycle
    • You have already received a firm internship commitment at the time of application
    • The internship lasts at least 2 months (minimum duration: 60 days), maximum 6 months
    • The internship corresponds to a full-time job
    • The internship must take place in one of the ERASMUS+ program countries

    Application for Erasmus+ Internship Grant

    Since internships are not tied to specific deadlines in the academic year, you can submit your application at any time. However, the complete application must be submitted no later than six weeks before the start of the internship.

    To apply, please fill out the online application form (in German) and also upload the following documents there:

    1. CV
    2. Motivation letter
    3. Certificate of enrollment
    4. Commitment from the internship employer, e.g. contract, e-mail, etc
    5. (Proof of previous ERASMUS+ funding)

    After submitting your online application, we will check it and then contact you by e-mail.

    Since the budget for funding ERASMUS+ internship grants is limited, applicants from study programs with mandatory internships will be prioritized.

    Applications from international students who are applying with an internship in their own home country will be evaluated as so-called "back to the roots" applications with lower priority.

    Current funding rates for ERASMUS+ internships

    (ERASMUS+ Call 2022)

    The financial support for ERASMUS+ grants are based on the different living costs in the hosting countries and is redefined by the DAAD every year.

    GroupHost countryGrant
    1Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden750€/Month
    2Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain690€/Month
    3Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Turkey640€/Month

    Starting the winter semester 22/23, students who receive an ERASMUS+ grant can also apply for social top-ups and green travel top-up.

    Social Top-Ups

    1. Social Top-Up for students with disabilities

    Scholarship holders with a degree of disability (GdB) of 20 or more can apply for this Top-Up. By applying for this Social Top-Up, you agree to submit proof (e.g. severely disabled ID card).
    Alternatively, but with greater administrative effort and lead time, a real cost application* can be submitted.

    2. Social top-up for students with chronic illnesses

    Scholarship holders with a chronic illness that entails additional financial expenses abroad can apply for this Top-Up. Suitable proof of eligibility is, for example, a confirming medical certificate or a confirmation of chronic illness from the health insurance company or family doctor.
    Alternatively, but with greater administrative effort and lead time, an application for real costs* can be submitted.

    3. Social top-up for students with child(ren)

    Students who are travelling abroad with their child/children to study can apply for this Top-Up. The additional funds can also be granted to couples. However, double sponsorship of a child is excluded. By applying for this Social Top-Up, you agree to submit proof that the child belongs to you (e.g. child benefit statement, birth certificate).
    Alternatively, but with greater administrative effort and lead time, a real cost application* can be submitted.

    4. Social top-up for first-time academics

    Scholarship holders whose parents have not acquired an academic degree (university of applied sciences, university, university of cooperative education) recognised in their home country are entitled to apply for this Top-Up. In the case of single parents, this regulation only applies to the respective parent with whom the scholarship holder lives.

    The declaration on honour is sufficient proof in advance.

    5. Social top-up for working students

    Scholarship holders who have been in regular employment subject to social insurance contributions for at least six months prior to commencing their studies abroad (for mobility from 2023/24 onwards, regular employment is sufficient) and who are unable to continue this employment due to their mobility abroad, even online, can apply for this Top-Up.
    Monthly earnings must have averaged between €450 - €850 net.
    Suitable proofs are pay slips, bank statements and confirmation from the employer of leave of absence due to the semester abroad.

    Scholarship holders who are self-employed are unfortunately excluded from applying in 2022/23.
    Changes are planned for 2023/24.


    How do I apply for the "Social Top-Ups"?

    The application for the "Social Top-Ups" is made by signing a declaration on honour together with the submission of the application for ERASMUS+ funding (Grant Agreement), but no later than 1 July 2022.

    The different Social Top-Ups cannot be combined and accumulated with each other!
    However, a combination with Green Travel is possible.

    If you are entitled to any of the social tops, please email erasmuspraktika_

    *Applications for real costs must be submitted in full to the DAAD at least 2 months before the start of the mobility, which will decide on them individually.

    Green Top-Up

    Promoting environmentally friendly mobility abroad, but also raising awareness of the issues of sustainability and climate change are central aspects of the transversal priority "Sustainability" of the new Erasmus+ programme generation.

    ERASMUS+ scholarship holders receive a Green Travel Top-up of up to 130 € for travelling to the host university using environmentally friendly means of transport. The top-up subsidises mobility undertaken by bus or train. A prerequisite for the subsidy is that at least 50% of the transport route is travelled "sustainably". You can apply for this Top-Up by submitting the Declaration of Honour for Green Travel. The application must be received before the mobility. The Top-Up will be paid after return and verification of eligibility. Proofs are e.g. train or bus tickets.

    The original receipts must be kept for 5 years with the grantee(s).

    The timely submission of the declaration on honour is considered as an application for a Green Top-Up.