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Artist Training Berlin

Consulting and workshop-series for artists in exile
The Counselling Centre Artist Training Berlin offers initial counselling and further placement for all artisticcreative areas and is located at the Berlin Career College of the Berlin University of the Arts. The Counseling Centre is connected to the International Office, the Intercultural Mentoring, the General Student Counselling Office and the Equal Opportunities Commissioner of the UdK Berlin. The goal is to find tailor-made offers and contact persons for prospective students, students, researchers and professional artists with refugee backgrounds.
Consulting: by telephone in the open consultation hour: Wednesdays at 10-11 am, Berlin Career College of the UdK Berlin, Bundesallee 1-12, 10719 Berlin, Room 161

#Workshop Series “Out of Lockdown”

#Workshop Series “How to study at UdK Berlin”

In collaboration with the International Office, der Student Office and Common Ground.

The ARTIST TRAINING program has supported over 400 participants from the fields of music, fine arts, performing arts, film, and cultural journalism through a total of 33 fundamental and in-depth modules since 2016. Networking events facilitate connections within the respective artistic sector, while consulting activities examine individual situations in-depth. The goals are networking with the Berlin cultural and creative industries by getting to know the institutions and their employees, establishment in the Berlin labor market and the strategic positioning in the respective artistic orientation. and

Head of Program: Dr. Melanie Waldheim


The Berlin Career College provides unique further education courses at the Berlin University of the Arts in the artistic and creative field: four Master’s degree programs and numerous certificate courses aimed at people who want to deepen their artistic and creative skills and connect them to economic subjects. Furthermore, the Berlin Summer University of the Arts presents a highly qualified program in English appealing to creative artists of all disciplines and creative entrepreneurs. The program is offered by the Berlin Career College and based on its research results on further education needs in creative industries. Managing Director of the Berlin Career College at the Central Institute for Further Education is Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer.


The Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin) is one of the world's largest art universities that combines all art disciplines and related sciences. The four faculties of Fine Arts, Design, Music and Performing Arts, as well as the Central Institute for Further Education, offer more than 70 artistic, artistic-scientific and artistic-pedagogical courses. About one-fifth of the overall students (ca. 4000) come from abroad. The history of the Berlin University of the Arts dates back to the foundation of the Brandenburg–Prussian Academy of Arts in 1696. The university’s current structure has developed in 1975 due to a merger of the University of Fine Arts and the University of Music and Performing Arts to the University of the Arts (HDK). The Berlin University of the Arts got its present name in November 2001. Since April 2020, Professor Dr. Norbert Palz holds the position of the UdK Berlin President. With more than 600 events a year, the UdK Berlin significantly contributes to the cultural life of the city.

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