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Maternity leave/studying with child

Since 01.01.2018, the Maternity Protection Act also applies to female students and interns.

The essential aim of the Maternity Protection Act is to protect the health of pregnant women, nursing mothers and their children as best as possible during pregnancy, after birth and during the first year of breastfeeding, and to ensure that excessive demands or hazards at the place of study or internship are avoided.

In order to exclude irresponsible hazards for mother and child in individual cases, hazard assessments are carried out in all faculties, e.g. for the workshops.

For all questions concerning studying with a child or maternity protection, the first point of contact is the Student Advisory Service.

The students then contact the company doctor ("Betriebsarzt") at the UdK, where the risk assessment takes place.

In order to document and ensure that the UdK Berlin complies with and implements the legal provisions under the Maternity Protection Act accordingly, the university is obliged to pass on the data to the State Office for Occupational Safety, Health Protection and Technical Safety (LAGetSi).
The data will be treated confidentially and the persons concerned will be informed about the way in which their data will be passed on.

Compensation for disadvantages for students with children

Students with children can also apply for disadvantage compensation in the event of special family burdens, such as closure of daycare or school, illness of the child, etc....
If, for example, a minimum attendance requirement in courses cannot be fulfilled for family reasons, a substitute performance can be applied for.

Students who, for family reasons, are dependent on attending a certain compulsory course, e.g. at a certain time, can also apply directly to the lecturer before the start of the semester for preferential allocation of places. Individual solutions should be found during the current semester.

For submission deadlines, an extension of the deadline for examinations, an alternative examination date or an alternative examination form can be applied for with the disadvantage compensation.

Requests for disadvantage compensation for course work are made directly to the teachers, requests for disadvantage compensation for examination work are made in writing to the responsible examination board and the examination office (IPA).

The Maternity Protection Act ("Mutterschutzgesetz") can be found at the following link:

If you have any further questions, please contact the student advisory service or the women's representative ("Frauenbeauftragte").