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Open Access at UdK

What is open access?

Open access is a digital form of publication that allows free access to scientific information without legal, technical or financial barriers.

Open Access offers you many advantages, among others:

The visibility of documents is increased.

- The exploitation rights remain usually with the author.

- Library catalogues and search engines ensure good searchability.

- Publicly financed research results are thus accessible to all interested parties free of legal, technical or financial barriers.

- A long-term availability of the documents is assured.

For a comprehensive explanation of  open acces please visit the platform

UdK open access policy

UdK is currently working on an open access policy. UdK thus defines principles and rules according to which open access will be implemented at UdK. It is planned to adopt the policy by the end of 2019. The open access commissioner, Prof. Dr. Susanne Fontaine, is in charge of the formulation.


The university library offers UdK members advice on questions and opportunities relating to open access publishing. Legal advice is not associated with this and cannot be offered by the University Library!

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