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Books and sheet music

Books and sheet music of the UdK library are arranged in a specific area on the 4th floor of the VOLKSWAGEN-Haus, Fasanenstraße 88.

Above this text, you can download the classifications according to which the media are sorted. They will help you to find the desired object on the shelf.

Sound carriers

The sound carriers are not freely accessible. In case you do not search for a specific title or person, you can make a retrieval using the systematics („Tonträgersystematik“). If you have found your media, you must place an order in the „Wissensportal“. After about 30 minutes you can pick them up in the Mediathek.

Film genres

Some of the film media available in the library of the UdK Berlin were categorized using terms from a list of film genres (e.g. „Debut film“, „Western“, „Filmkomödie“, Kinderfilm“ …)



Search for system locations

You can search for specific system positions in the „Wissensportal“: select film media and genres in the pull-down menu of the advanced search.