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Workshop: Familie Flöz

source: Ingo Hoehn

Course Description

September 1-7, 2024
Familie Flöz – MASKS

Every person who puts on a mask crosses their own boundaries. When they take on the mask, they enter unfamiliar territory. Wearing a mask is always a challenge for the players, which confronts them in a radical way with their body, their ambitions, emotions and ideas - in short: with their own ego. How does a mask change the player? How does the mask change through the player? How does a mask play? Based on elementary movement work, parameters of non-verbal play such as breath, tension, posture, space, status and rhythm are introduced and tested. From the resulting "material", the participants develop characters and scenic realizations together. The workshop offers participants an intensive insight into the play and collaborative working methods of FAMILIE FLÖZ.

The course is aimed at practioners from the performative arts with a desire and interest in movement and physical play.

Course language: German and English
With: Valentina Bordenave, Anna Kistel und Hajo Schüler
Host: Sebastian Eggers
Tutor: Laris Bäucker


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