Sponsor excellence in teaching and research

The Berlin University of the Arts views itself as a dynamic place for artistic education as well as excellent practice and research. It is an important leading light for Berlin as a cultural and science location, and a highly recognised educational institution in all aspects of the arts and culture that contributes to Berlin’s cultural life with a large number of events.  

As a university with a strong track record in research and its own artistic and academic profile, the Berlin University of the Arts is an important partner in central research networks in the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region and part of an international network.

There are many ways you can contribute in this area and support teaching and research at the Berlin University of the Arts, by sponsoring individual projects and focus areas, helping to shape new, multidisciplinary programmes or develop innovative subject areas with an endowed professorship. 

Help now with a donation

You can support an interest of your choice at any time with a donation.

Many music students can only dream of their own instrument. A violin, for example, can cost €20,000 or more. Of course, this applies to all the university’s instruments too: from the string instruments and the grand piano in the Joseph Joachim Saal to the historical instruments in the Early Music department. Added to this are high maintenance costs, because keeping them in good condition and restoring them require painstaking craftsmanship.                     

UNI.T, the Berlin University of the Arts theatre, is not a theatre like Berlin’s other stages. The theatre productions that are staged there, in which training in the various theatre professions is the main focus, are costly. As well as that, the stage technology has to be serviced or brought up to date to the latest standards from time to time.

With the Berlin University of the Arts Foundation, you can help to ensure that these valuable items are preserved and new ones purchased so that students, together with the teaching staff, can reach the full potential of their artistic excellence.

Your donation, either once-off or recurring, will benefit the specific purpose or sponsored person promptly and in full. A donation is of course also tax-deductible.

If you would like to donate materials, equipment, tools or art supplies, we would be happy to help make arrangements for you.

Donate sustainably with an endowment

Would you like to expand the Berlin University of the Arts Foundation’s activities and provide long-term and effective support? Then you might consider an endowment: foundations are obliged to preserve their financial assets. Your endowment will be transferred into the Berlin University of the Arts’ fund and will be permanently invested. The proceeds generated by this can help the foundation to pursue its goals sustainably, whether that be existing foundation programmes or a newly created fund for a specific purpose of your choice.

You can make an endowment at any time – once or several times. You can also make an endowment in your will and designate the Berlin University of the Arts Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate.

Bequeath your estate and make your inheritance have an impact

Through inheritances and legacies (assets, property, etc.), you can support the foundation far into the future. A testament or an inheritance contract in favour of the Berlin University of the Arts Foundation offers you the opportunity to actively determine during your lifetime how your estate will be used. You can permanently support the foundation’s overall purpose or a special area of interest. Your legacy can of course be associated with your name if you wish.

By doing so, you will shape your legacy yourself and direct your inheritance or part of your inheritance to a charitable organisation. This also has tax advantages: as a charitable organisation, the Berlin University of the Arts Foundation is exempt from inheritance tax and can take over property, art works or assets tax-free.

It is equally possible to designate the Berlin University of the Arts Foundation as the beneficiary of a life assurance policy or to pass on assets you have inherited to the Berlin University of the Arts Foundation.

Set up a charitable trust

Would you like to donate assets for a specific artistic area, but without the expense of setting up your own foundation structure and self-administration? Then you can arrange a trusteeship with us: you transfer the foundation assets with a defined purpose to the Berlin University of the Arts Foundation, which manages them accordingly in perpetuity and conducts any necessary business. If you wish, we can ensure that the charitable trust is named after you and will therefore commemorates your generous legacy.

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