Sponsor prizes and scholarships

The generous support of donors makes it possible to award especially talented students with prizes and scholarships.

In the last fifteen years alone, we have been able to provide funding for around 700 students, including some internationally targeted programmes, and support their public appearances, publications and exhibitions. Many former prize-winners are now renowned artists and working in prestigious positions.

For example, around thirty years ago, the Berlin composer Alice Samter bequeathed a considerable sum to the university. Income from the assests is used to financially support students of music. The university also organises a chamber music competition, at which the composer’s works are performed.

In the field of fine arts, for example, an annual donor prize has been awarded to students since 1996, which was made possible by the artist and art educator Helmut Thoma. He donated his entire oeuvre to what was then known as the Berlin College of the Arts in the early 1990s.

These examples illustrate how sustainable the impact of the Berlin University of the Arts Foundation’s work can be. We want to continue to award prizes and scholarships to students in future too, thereby supporting the development of their careers effectively.

Especially prestigious funding measures can be associated with the name of the sponsor, if that is desired and approved by the curatorial committee. You can find more information on competitions, prizes and scholarships on the webpages of the College of Music and the College of Fine Arts.

source: "UdK Berlin"

UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

 source: Nikolaus Brade

Needless to say, there are many more potential options for individuals to sponsor particular persons. Year after year, the Berlin University of the Arts produces talented students, who make exceptional contributions to our culture. 

Many of them, for example, have not been able to take part in competitions, because their course of study was not able to provide financial assistance for it.

With your support and the Berlin University of the Arts Foundation, we can change that. Please consider making scholarships or prizes possible for students of the university.

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