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Incentive Funds Women's Representative of the College of Architecture, Media and Design

Incentive Funds Women's Representative of the College of Architecture, Media and Design

Award guidelines

The incentive system serves to increase the proportion of women at the artistic and scientific qualification levels and professorships at the UdK Berlin.

In recent years, the annual amount of funding has been approximately 12.000 euros. The focus of the funding is on the awarding of teaching assignments and support for projects to qualify mid-level faculty.


Objective for the use of funds:

    Reduction of structural discrimination against women
    Targeted promotion of women in underrepresented areas
    Promotion of gender discourse in research, art and teaching.


Eligible for funding are:

    Projects to qualify women, especially in underrepresented areas or for a professorship (e.g., teaching position).
    lectures, lecture series, conferences
    artistic projects and undertakings on gender-specific topics
    Events (concerts, exhibitions, film series, workshops, etc.)


How is funding provided?

In principle, funding can be provided for personnel and/or material resources.

Personnel funds:

    Teaching position,
    Tutor position for a seminar,
    honorarium for invited persons within the framework of an event at the UdK,
    contract for freelance work within a funded project,


Material costs

    Material costs used within the framework of a project.
    Printing of a publication
    Room rental


!! No travel expenses, transport costs, food can be reimbursed !!!


Please attach a rough budget and schedule to your grant application. We will discuss details with you after we have received your funding.


Who can apply?

    Staff members of group 1 and 2 of the Faculty of Design or students together with an applicant from group 1 or 2.

Application and procedure

Applications for funding can be submitted to the Women's Representative of the Faculty of Design by e-mail.

Please fill out the following document and send it to Katharina (frauenbeauftragte2fak02_

Application for Incentive System


Application deadline

Funding for 2023 can be applied for from now until January 27, 2023 at the latest. Contact persons are the women's representatives of the Faculty of Design.


Project presentation

Due to corona-related restrictions, applicants* will unfortunately not be able to present their projects in person. If the applicants want to make sure that their application will be read "correctly" by the commission, both women's representatives are available for explanations in advance. Please request an appointment via e-mail.


Allocation of funds

The funds are allocated by an independent committee. This committee is composed of representatives of the status groups 1-3 (female professors, female mid-level faculty, female students).



Application from now until 27.01.2023

Commission meeting 02.02.2023

Notification of the allocation of funds will be sent by e-mail by February 5th, 2023.

The funds must be used and accounted for by October 31, 2023!


If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

Elke and Laura