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Recognitions and credits

The Examination Board (EB) of the Faculty of Fine Arts is responsible for the Fine Arts programme (FA)

Bachelor's degree programme for the teaching profession at integrated secondary schools/grammar schools, specialising in fine arts (BA ISS/GYM)

Master's degree programme for the teaching profession at integrated secondary schools/grammar schools, specialising in fine arts (MA ISS/GYM)

Master's degree in Fine Arts for teaching at integrated secondary schools/grammar schools - lateral entry at the Faculty of Fine Arts

Bachelor's degree programme in primary school teaching, specialising in the fine arts (BA GS)

Master's degree programme in primary school teaching, specialising in the fine arts (MA GS)


e.g. for admission in higher semesters, for second degree studies or for semesters completed abroad

Applications for the recognition or crediting of study and examination achievements are made in order to transfer equivalent achievements that were completed outside the study programme of the Faculty of Fine Arts into the current study program. A recognised or credited achievement will not be re-performed on the basis of the approved application.

Applications for recognition are valid provided that:

  • the place of study was changed for the same degree programme (in this case, admission is granted for a higher semester with continuous counting of the semesters)
  • the course of study was changed and a higher semester admission is granted
  • study achievements have been accomplished abroad
  • study achievements have been accomplished as a side student at another university

Applications for credit are valid provided that:

  • extra-curricular knowledge and skills, e.g. vocationally acquired competences are to be integrated into the study program

Admission to examinations (Fine Arts (FA): intermediate and graduate examinations; teaching professions in fine arts: module final examinations) is possible only by submitting the study achievements specified in the respective programme and examination regulations. Achievements required in the course of study are documented by means of the blank forms of the course record books in FA and the module sheets in the teacher training courses. If academic achievements have been completed outside the faculty, these will be transferred to the course record books or the module sheets as recognition or credit upon approval of an application. This is to check whether learning goals and the acquisition of competences are comparable. The respective recognition procedure is carried out in three steps through cooperation between the student, the person responsible for the subject area and the examination board of the faculty:

  1. Application for recognition or crediting of academic achievements

The student submits an application (see blank form) for the recognition or crediting of academic achievements and encloses the relevant documentation. This can be a learning agreement, transcript, copy of a transcript, transcript of records or original copies of credits, certificates and module slips.

Applications can be made in the following five specialist areas:

! Please note that a separate application must be submitted for each specialist area and that each achievement is submitted and credited only once!

  1. Artistic practice (incl. elective module 5 in BA ISS/GYM)
  2. Teaching fine arts for integrated secondary/grammar schools
  3. Teaching fine arts for primary schools
  4. Fine arts and aesthetics
  5. Music and aesthetics education- MÄERZ
  1. Obtain a proposal for recognition from the department head

After a student has completed the recognition form and compiled the enclosures, the applicant must obtain a recommendation for recognition through the head of the specialist department. For this purpose, the student shall arrange a personal appointment and will have the application and supporting evidence mentioned under point 1 ready. Please appear in person. You can find the office hours of the lecturers and department heads via the UdK staff list on the UdK website:

  1. Artistic practice:

> For artistic studio practice, contact your specialist class leader

> For artistic workshop practice, contact the head of the workshop in the faculty according to the certificate of achievement

> For the Teaching Bachelor ISS/GYM compulsory courses, the application with the supporting documents will be sent directly to the office of the examination board, Room HA33-127

  1. Teaching fine arts for integrated secondary/grammar schools: Contact Dr. Anna Stern
  2. Teaching fine arts for primary schools: Contact Dr. Kirsten Winderlich
  3. Fine arts and aesthetics: Contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Neuner
  4. Music and aesthetics education– MÄERZ: Contact Dr. Kirsten Winderlich

General information according to degree programmes in order to prepare the application and for the interview with the department heads:

Fine Arts programme: If your admission was based on previous achievements in the main study period (5th semester and beyond), no further application will be made for the recognition of academic achievements from the basic study period (semesters 1 - 4). Study stages that have already been completed in full are already recognized by the examination board following the admission procedure.

Please only apply for recognition of credits that exceed the required achievements in the basic study period (usually credits beyond the 5th semester).

In the field of art and aesthetics, three certificates of achievement must be completed in the first stage of studies (basic studies) in the Fine Arts programme. If you are a transfer student in the main study period and are applying for recognition for this stage, please submit your study progress in arts and aesthetics so that recommendations for recognition can be documented for the main study period from the fourth academic year onwards.

Teaching Fine Arts degree programme: If you start directly with the Master's degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts, you must have already completed the Bachelor's degree in teaching at another university. All achievements submitted here cannot be submitted for recognition in the Master's programme. Please apply for recognition only if you have been placed in the 2nd semester or beyond in the Master's programme.

If you have changed university/post-secondary institution during your bachelor's degree programme, modules already completed are recognised by the examination board as part of the admission procedure. This applies in particular to Module 1 in the artistic field. For the modules in the fields of art and art teaching, please submit applications for recognition to the respective departmental heads.

Newly enrolled students in a second degree course for teaching who have already studied fine arts have also been given credit for all art modules by the examination board as part of the admission procedure. There is no longer any need to submit an application. It can be assumed that students in the second degree course can already provide evidence of their achievements in art. For recognition, please submit an application to the Department of Art Studies and Aesthetics. In the bachelor's degree programme in Teaching ISS/GYM, a total of six courses are compulsory and in the teaching for primary school degree programme three courses plus the bachelor's thesis are compulsory.

Master's degree programme, lateral entry ISS/GYM: The prerequisite for successful admission is a completed degree in the fine arts. Artistic achievements are no longer included in the lateral entry Master's programme. Applications for recognition are therefore possible only in the fields of art and aesthetics and, if applicable, in specialist didactics. For art and aesthetics, the examination board recommends that only one application for recognition be submitted in Module 1 (resp. study regulations 2022 Modules 1 and 2) of the lateral entry Master's programme, provided that more than six courses in this field can be proven from other universities. For clarification: in the study and examination regulations for both the Fine Arts and the Bachelor Teacher Training for Fine Arts programmes, six courses in the field of art and aesthetics are to be studied at the Faculty.

  1. Final decision regarding recognition or crediting by the examination board

The final decision on recognition/crediting and, if applicable, grading lies with the examination board. Therefore, please submit the application with the recognition recommendations, the evidence and now also with your course record book in FA or the module sheets in the Teaching programme to the office of the examination board, room HA33-127. In the event of a negative decision, you will receive a written statement of reasons.

Please note the following for the further course of studies and the registration of achievements:

Fine Arts: During the lecture period, please pick up the course record book with the recognitions listed at the Examination Board office approximately 14 days after submitting the documents. The entire performance record in the booklet is required later when registering for the examination (intermediate or final examination) and is the basis for admission to the examination.

Teaching Fine Arts programme: If a module is concluded as a result of the recognition, the Examination Board office forwards the module slip directly to the Registrations and Examinations Office for booking. There is therefore no need to collect the module sheet.

If partial performances of the module are recognised, please collect the module sheet from the Examination Board office approximately 14 days after submission of the documents. For registration of the respective module final examination, the module sheets must be submitted again later and serve as proof for admission to the examination.

IMPORTANT additional information from the Examination Board:

Resources for the consultation sessions: The Examination Board and the departments regularly update the information on the websites of the institute and the faculty. In addition, we offer extensive introductory and informational events at the beginning of your studies. Throughout your studies, the Info-Café and the administration are available as points of contact for questions regarding your programme. It is therefore expected that you have already obtained detailed information before you go to a consultation meeting or send an email to the department heads - this will shorten the wait times during office hours considerably. Many thanks!

Attendance of courses as a side student: If you wish to attend courses of a respective department at another university or post-secondary institution, these are usually credited at a later date. However, please make sure in advance that the head of the department in question has checked with the department head as to whether the course contents and learning objectives of the external course do not differ significantly from the study and examination regulations of your course of study at the Faculty of Fine Arts. The absence of significant differences is a prerequisite for a successful application for recognition to the Examination Board.

Recognition of the certificates of the general studies in a Fine Arts programme: The application for recognition should be made directly to the general studies coordination office:

Contact: Hardenbergstr. 33, Room 230, Tel.: +49 (0) 30 3185 2878

Recognition in the MÄERZ field in the teaching fine arts in primary schools: Please submit your application for recognition directly to the chair of the MÄERZ Examination Board, Dr. Winderlich:

Contact: Bundesallee Building, Room BU-12, after advance notification by e-mail: winderlich_

Recognition in the Art in Context programme: Please submit your application for recognition directly to the chair of the IfKiK Examination Board, Prof. Dr. Heiser:

Contact: Einsteinufer Building 43-53, 3rd floor, Tel: 3185 2960

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