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Werkstatt für Fotografie und analoge Prozesse

Bodo Schlack, Lehrkraft für die künstlerische Werkstattlehre
Hardenbergstr. 33, room Ha33-30, 25a

Tel.: (030) 3185 2939 or 3185 2756

Office hours:
on Mondays 10am-12h and 2pm-6pm

The “Werkstatt für Fotografie und analoge Prozesse” (workshop for photography and analog processes) offers a wide range of options to support students working in the field of photography – from planning to photographing to processing. In the field of fine arts, the special challenges are using both conventional and experimental procedures to develop individual artistry, and enabling students to handle the equipment independently. At the workshop, we therefore focus on providing individual support for student projects, including those that use photography as a secondary medium, or for documentary purposes or reproduction. To teach the basics, compressed seminars on analog and digital photography are offered each semester.

The following equipment can be found at the workshop:

 - several digital camera systems

 - several analog camera systems

 - accessories such as tripods, lighting, etc.

 - a photo studio

 - two analog B&W laboratories, one of which is equipped for large magnifications

 - an analog color lab

Digital images cannot be processed in this workshop, but the two photography workshops cooperate closely.