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To make the Rundgang 2023 safe for everyone this year, an awareness team will be deployed on all days at Hardenbergstrasse 33 and on the opening day at Grunewaldstrasse 2-5. 

The awareness team is made up of employees from the Access network. Access is an association of awareness people with bouncers and securities who follow a progressive approach to work. Access has many years of experience working in clubs and festivals, especially in queer small and large formats. All the people in the network are part of this culture themselves.

Access works in mixed teams and is always oriented toward the needs of the people affected and follows a feminist and discrimination-sensitive working approach. The founding of the network stems from the realization that these perspectives are often underrepresented in traditional security companies. 

At the Rundgang – Open Days of the UdK Berlin, Access will take over the classic awareness tasks as well as being the interface to the newly commissioned security company. The awareness team is available in case of emerging conflicts of various kinds. 

The team is constantly on rounds in the buildings at Hardenbergstrasse 33 and Grunewaldstrasse 3–5. They can be recognized by their purple vests with the inscription "Awareness". In addition, they can be reached via the number (0049 151 28093534) the entire event and in the days after by phone and via various messanger services. A fixed contact point, where you can turn to, will also be set up in the entrance area of Hardenbergstraße 33.


*Affected person oriented means that the wishes and needs of the people affected by assaultive or violent behavior are placed at the center of further action.