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Designs of the Rundgang-Design-Competition 2023

We are pleased to present the designs created in 2023, in the Information Design class of Prof. David Skopec.



Ira Göller and Sophie Pischel - First Place

source: Ira Göller und Sophie Pischel

In a photographic series, a flag takes a Rundgang of the UdK's premises, integrating itself into unlike settings. Visitors and members of the UdK Berlin are thus invited to visit the various locations and numerous disciplines themselves on the open days.

@iragoeller and @sovielpixel




Thanh Thu und Anton Ladewig - Second Place

source: Thanh Thu und Anton Ladewig

On the one hand, the design shows the size of the faculties by means of an infographic; on the other hand, the hand-punched paper scraps stand for the individuality of each person at the university. The focus is also on the meeting and mixing of creativity, students and the faculties.

@thanhxthu and @dhddzef


Kathrin Siebenhandl - Second Place

source: Kathrin Siebenhandl

The motif depicted, placed in a modern context, is from a copperplate engraving from the 1630s and represents one of the Seven Liberal Arts - the precursors of the arts as we know them today.


Nour Al Safadi

source: Nour Al Safadi

Oran Almagor

source: Oran Almagor

Sebastian Richter und Max Arff

source: Max Arff und Sebastian Richter
source: Max Arff und Sebastian Richter

Architectural elements of the UdK locations result in an abstract structure of forms.

@_sebastian.richter_ and @maxaff

Lili Reinlein und Steffi Balint-Gruber

source: Lilli Reinlein und Steffi Balint-Gruber

With the stencil as the central motif of the poster, the design is intended to represent a perspective that usually recedes into the background during the Rundgang: the imperfect and unfinished. The tool used - the stencil, which was cut with the laser cutter and then used with spray paint - gives viewers an idea of what they can expect on the Rundgang.

In addition, another part of the concept is to use the stencil to design their own posters in a collaborative project by students from all disciplines. The resulting posters will be exhibited in the individual buildings during the Rundgang.

@lillireinlein and @teffibg

Polina Berleva

source: Polina Berleva

The labyrinth-like motif represents the complex process of creating and perceiving art. Distorted typographic elements confuse the viewer, but at the same time have a clear message.


Lea Verholen und Jonas Gerber

source: Lea Verholen & Jonas Gerber

Bela Machemer

source: Bela Machemer

What role does the UdK play when it comes to solving sociopolitical problems?

A series of posters poses different questions that aim in a similar direction. By using a different modal verb within the same sentence, they differ from each other, and thus convey their own approaches. Rundgang 2023 offers the opportunity to get to the bottom of these questions, both personally and in relation to university or world events.


Angie Pientka

source: Angie Pientka

Justin Scharer

source: Justin Scharer

The poster design visualizes the synergies between the four faculties, which not only coexist during the Rundgang, but also influence and promote each other in an interdisciplinary everyday university life. These interactions are represented in an abstract way with the help of the physical phenomenon of magnetism.


Tobias Thran

source: Tobias Thran

The initial impulses for the design of the Rundgang poster were orientation systems that function as a guide during the Rundgang. In the dense typographic structure of the motif - based on the concept of the Rundgang - an unmistakable back and forth movement of the visitors in different directions is reflected by arrow symbols.


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