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Carina Erdmann

SYNCHRONICLE documents a 4-hour immersive and improvised performance in which auction objects speak through dancers, confronting visitors with living and feeling bodies that are often ignored while their artifacts are valued. They were given "a voice" through dance, speculative storytelling and spectroscopic material analysis that was translated into a symphony.

‘Synchronicles’, 2018, video HD, 20min, Soundtrack by Jacob Eriksen

ROTARY SPIT shows a vision of the future in which eagles escape their abuse as symbols of power and nationalism. It is a critical and at the same time playful reaction to the (re)construction of the Humboldforum in Berlin. The film overlays historical footage with shots from the Brandenburg desert, the sandstone quarry in Wartowice, the palace construction site and the shell of the Humboldforum.

‘Rotary Spit’ 2018-2020, video HD, 25min (Collaboration with Anna Kindermann)

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