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Ahmed Ramadan

Zwei Seelen


steel, stainless steel, human hair ropes approx. 120 x 130 x 320 cm

"Two Souls" deals with the topic of identity and what it means to live in a foreign country. The effort required to adapt to a new environment, the conflict between old and new self and between preserving memory and finding oneself anew.

I myself have always experienced these two worlds as two personalities. And it is precisely this experience that I put into practice in this work. The properties of the materials have emotional meanings here, the rusty, the mass, the cube-shaped, but also cultural meanings, such as the fact that the hair used comes from people from different cultures.

The arrangement, which is variable in this work, develops its own grammar.

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source: Ahmed Ramadan, Foto: Daniel Rupp
source: Ahmed Ramadan, Foto: Daniel Rupp