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Joram Schön

Die Letzte Vorstellung / The Last Picture Show21


The clock clicks. CITY HALL. Click click clack. O'clock. Play me the song of death. Ramm Tam Tam. Bamm Bamm. Bamm! Merci Au revoir. Goodbye. “ Zum Stammtisch“.
One more to go. Pharmacies A. Prescription. Pharmaceutical industry. Recipe. Aspirin allergy. Coke cab. Yah yah yah. Yum yum yum. MaMa calls. I don't answer.
J.Hawk Bookies. The big city sombrero. Tower Sokak. Numero waHid wa 'ashriin.
Scream. VIDEO INN. The Indian in the Cupboard. Kilos in the back room.
Free all brothers&Sisters. Gesa. Lehrterstrasse184. Infantile kindergarten doodles.
TehaceeinsachtsiebenBestattungen(since1904). Blink182. Trapped in the Male Body Armor.
Mental Breakdown. Untouchables. Phone booth. I Call You later. Ring Ring. After Hours.
The time after midnight. Brothers Sass. Brothers Grimm. Colors Ewald. Moabit Roulette.
Casino21. James-Krüss Allstars. Hakeem THE DREAM Olajuwon. Loosing All our Money.
Mecca. Miami. New York. Hutti Kingz. Εξάρχεια. El Reda. Risa. EIS DaDalt. Barani, yani you know. Dings. Erkek Berber. Jerome.Jeronimo.Joe.Jorem.Jörem.Jöram.Joram the king of Israel. Say my name, Say my name, If no one is around you
Say baby I love you
If you ain't runnin' game.

LANDFLUCHT(F*** die Uckermark)-Self-Domestication - Bulldogge & Fuchs - Wegkreuzung, Graphit,Buntstift und Kleber auf Papier, 29,7 x 42cm, 2020/21

 source: Joram Schön

Gesamtansicht der Installation Die Letzte Vorstellung/The Last Picture Show21 von Joram Schön

 source: Foto: Tassilo Rüster