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Introduction of AStA


What is AStA?

The general student committee is the executive branch of the student body. (Doesn't just sound very important and powerful, it is).

The AStA of the UdK Berlin consists of the following units:

  • Department of Finances (without this nothing works in the AStA)
  • Department for social affairs (eat the rich! :P)
  • Department of Communication and eigenart (follow us on Insta for updates @asta_udk_berlin and send your creative outpourings to the student magazine)
  • Department for Higher Education Policy of the Interior (currently under reconstruction and unoccupied, we think the UdK could use a department for digital ethics...if you want to know more, come to the next StuPa meeting)
  • Department for University Politics of the Exterior (this person e.g. works tirelessly to make sure that your semester ticket doesn't become even more expensive)
  • Department for Networking and Interdisciplinarity (hey thats me :)among other things I answer FAQs and organize the Student Council Conference)
  • Department for Anti-Discrimination of the Interior (your contact person if you feel unfairly treated at the UdK)
  • Department for Anti-Discrimination of the Exterior (organizes e.g. free workshops on gender-neutral language)
  • Department for Student Employees (if your salary from the UdK is missing again...)
  • (last but not least!!) Department for Sustainability and Climate Justice (the name says it all)

What does AStA do?

The AStA represents the interests of the students towards the university management (CEO of UdK) and university administration as well as the committees and faculties (We sit for you in the short committee and faculty council meetings, where we discuss important topics with even more important people).

The AStA supports the student councils at the various institutes and coordinates student initiatives and concerns inside and outside the UdK, mandated by the resolutions of the student parliament. (It would take too long to explain this in detail. The important thing is, if you need help with any university political issue, talk to us, we are always there for you! :)).

What does StuPa actually do?

The student parliament (StuPa) of the UdK consists of about 30 (rather less, university politics is currently unjustifiably on a coolness level with business studies) members elected by you, who meet once a month during the semester. Here (actually exciting and for you relevant!) university-political topics are discussed and exchanged, together with the speakers of the AStA, who are elected and appointed by the StuPa (in a complicated democratic procedure, don't ask me how exactly that works again, Jörgen knows it ;).

The meetings are public and are chaired by an elected chair (honorary woman/man/person!!). Have a look!

Here is a nice graphic that illustrates it all again in all simplicity

 source: AStA UdK Berlin

What are the student initiatives?

Interflugs, Common Ground, I.D.A., the class climate and of course the Eigenart magazine, just to name a few. You can find more information at:​​​​​​​