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Hybrid Plattform

What is the Hybrid Plattform?

The most innovative ideas are often the result of a chance encounter, a flash of inspiration from an initially completely distant source of inspiration.
(Daniela Kuka, research assistant, UdK Berlin)

The Hybrid Platform is an initiative of the Berlin University of the Arts and the Technical University Berlin, which serves the exchange between arts, science and technology. This results in unique events, new networks and innovative teaching and research projects. Artists, scientists and experts work together beyond the boundaries of the individual disciplines and universities on topics and issues with a promising future.

In addition to a wide range of events for professors and research assistants, we also have an offer for students, which can be found on our website. It offers, in addition to our social media channels, a rich source of information for people interested in interdisciplinary topics. Under the heading News we publish weekly reports on interesting projects that take place on the border between art and science. Under Education you will find courses that are open to students of the TU and UdK and can be integrated into your own study program. Under Events you will find all information about upcoming events - which will of course also take place online in the coming months. In the same section you can read about past events, for which we always write a report in German and English. Under Service you will find publications on the hybrid platform or on the topic of the exchange between art and science. Here you also have the possibility to subscribe to our newsletter that we send out 2-3 times per semester with the most important news about our work. And if you still have questions, but don't dare to write to us directly, we have put together a FAQ about us, which answers the most important questions. If all this is not enough for you, you should subscribe to our social media channels: We regularly feed Facebook and Instagram.