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Start: 1.00 pm at the UdK Concert Hall


Leading the program:
Emily Thomey, Cultural Journalist

Prof. Dr. Norbert Palz, President of the Berlin University of the Arts

Presentation of the DAAD Award 2022
Prof. Paulo Morello, artistic director of the Jazz-Institute Berlin (JIB)
honors the award winner Morten Larsen, Jazz-Institut Berlin (JIB)

Studying abroad - Outgoing Student
Report about the ERASMUS+ exchange 

The four faculties of the UdK Berlin introduce themselves:

Live performance from "The Third Space"
Students of the Faculty of Music and prize winners of the Steinhaus Competition 2021
Franziska Salker, Leon Maria Plecity, Eli Simic-Prosic, Mikel Elgezabal-Garmendia,
Lukas Menzel

Presentation by Jonathan Auriel Richter, fashion design major,
Winner of the Hoodie Contest 2022

Visual Arts
Presentation of Viktor Petrov, sculpture class,
Award Winner of The President`s Fine Arts Awards of the UdK Berlin 2022

Fife students of the study course musical/show (third year) will show
excerpts from their program "Gesangswerkstatt Musical 2022"
Tara Friese, Laura Goblirsch, Nathan Johns, Fabio Kopf, Anna-Sophie Weidinger,
Prof. Kenneth Posey (Artistic Director), Prof. Dominik Franke (Grand Piano)

Studium Generale
presented by Prof. Dr. Philipp Hübl, Member of the Management Team