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Generative appearance of KUNST RAUM STADT


The appearance of KUNST RAUM STADT is based on a generative particle system. The particles themselves are regarded as a visualization of the movement of people - through and around the demonstration.
Fluidity symbolizes rethinking and adaptation, which are of great importance at this time.



source: Niklas Thran und Robin Wörn


The system in which the particles move is based on a network of points of attraction generated from a circular shape. These act globally on the particles, which attach themselves to it and form abstract variants of the shape.
Defined forces of impact and repulsion between the individual particles create a natural-looking movement. Noisy shading also dynamically controls the polychrome coloration of the particles.


source: Niklas Thran und Robin Wörn

More about the designers: Niklas Thran und Robin Wörn

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