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Insights into the Trainee Programme at the Strategic Marketing Unit

In advance - What is a trainee?

A trainee is a graduate of a university or college who completes a training activity in a company (here: in a university) and thereby gains a deeper insight into the various fields of work.

Which requirements and competencies are necessary for this traineeship?

To become a trainee in the staff position, you will need, for example, knowledge and experience in graphics, social media and marketing, in addition to the specific conditions that will be apparent from the job posting (such as a master's degree).

In what rotation does the staff unit hire trainees?

We are hiring trainees for the duration of 2 years.

What is the rough outline of the trainee program?

The trainees rotate through different stations for 24 months, each for at least two months. These rotations are planned individually with the support of the management to get to know and understand different areas of the working environment through responsible tasks and projects.

Detailed feedback interviews and further training support the trainees in their personal and professional development. In addition, possible cross-cutting internships/hospitations in external cultural enterprises offer an opportunity for networking and a look beyond one's own nose.


What is the relationship between theory and practice in trainee training?

As practical learning is the main focus, the theoretical parts are minimal. The aim is to learn most of it "on the job." We also attach great importance to the personal development of our trainees.

How is the induction and supervision of trainees regulated in the staff unit?

Each trainee has a mentor and a trainer at their side for 24 months.

In addition, the systematic induction and integration process takes place in the staff unit through an onboarding concept.

Do the trainees complete a stay abroad?

A stay abroad is an integral part of the trainee program at the UdK Berlin. But, unfortunately, this can only take place on a minimal basis due to Covid (19) Pandemic.

Erasmus+ enables further education and training measures for non-academic university staff at European universities to expand the internationalisation of German universities. For further education and training purposes, higher education staff from a German higher education institution with ECHE may be transferred to a host higher education institution with ECHE or to another institution located in another programme country and active in the labour market or in the fields of education, training or youth.

The stays abroad usually last two working days.

Applicants* organise contacts with the host institution independently. An overview of the UdK Berlin's European partner universities can be found here.


What about a follow-up employment after the traineeship? What are possible professions?

For economic and structural reasons, the UdK Berlin is, unfortunately, unable to take on trainees after the end of the traineeship. However, we offer assistance in the form of application seminars.

Professions related to marketing are Marketing Manager, Online Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager.

Where can I find the job advertisement for the traineeship?

Here you can find regular information about job offers at the UdK Berlin. In addition, we regularly post job advertisements for traineeships there.