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Torsion / 3, 2021, Bioplastik, Pigment, Stahlrohr, 200 x 200 cm

 source: Aline Schwörer

From 1997 to 2022, the President's Award was awarded annually in the Collage of Fine Arts at the Berlin University of the Arts. The renaming of the award to "UdK Berlin Art Award" now no longer focuses on the person of the president, but makes the UdK Berlin visible as an institution of outstanding artistic education in Berlin with its international perspectives.

Starting in 2023, the application will be extended to include master students of the Art and Media study program at the College of Architecture, Media and Design. The involvement of the specialized classes and the opening of the award beyond the Collage of Fine Arts acknowledges the expertise of the artists in dealing with modern media. With the renaming and expansion of the prize, the number of prize winners is increased from three to four persons per year.