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Contact, Competition office

Competition Office

Lukas Weller
Telefon: +49 30 3185 2090


Universität der Künste Berlin
Berliner-Bach-Wettbewerb 2021
z. Hd. Lukas Weller
Postfach 120544
10595 Berlin

Artistic Director

source: Tobias Schade

Prof. Christoph Huntgeburth

Head of the Early Music Department at the Universität der Künste Berlin

Our corporation with the Early Musik Society Berlin

The fourth edition of the competition is being carried out in close cooperation with the Early Music Society Berlin e.V.

At the beginning of 2011, musicians, teachers, artists, musicologists and lovers of early music founded the non-profit Early Music Society Berlin e. V.
The purpose of the company is to promote art and culture, and support educational, teaching and research tasks in the field of early music in Berlin and in particular at the Berlin University of the Arts.

The association also realizes this purpose by maintaining the Kammersaal Friedenau at Isoldestrasse 9, a place for teaching, practicing and performing early music on historical instruments, which was built by the Berlin harpsichord professor Bradford Tracey and the Basel professor for historical keyboard instruments Rolf Junghanns. Visual artists also have the opportunity to exhibit their works here.

In order to be able to implement these goals effectively, we depend on your donations. New members are always welcome! We would like to thank you in advance for your support.