Anani Dodji Sanouvi

Quelle: Christiane Lopes da Cunha & Anani Dodji Sanouvi


The project E’ TO ME is dedicated to the investigation, inquiry, and wandering on communal pre-agreement and agreement. It aims to reflect, cultivate, generate, grow, host pre-created living “Creatures”, maintain, manifest, and archive the cyclical inter-externe relationship between worlds and the notion of aliveness/knowledge. The focus is on creating a dynamic bio-sonic and light structure in the form of a performance design, serving as a convergence point for Animist practitioners and associated artists. Within this framework, dance, alive sculptures, music, socio-communicative manifestations, and interactivities are explored through the lens of éwé and indigenous languages' epistemology. Animist ontologies and technicities are incorporated, dealing with elaborated inter-species communication skills characterized by cyclical multi-relational, multi-dimensional, and multi-circular movement dynamics. The project embraces polyrhythmic, polycentric, and dicentric characteristic elements, operating as a diplomatic structure. In this interrelated form of relationship, performers and guests engage through ethical pre-agreement, recognizing and appreciating the presence of a crucial agent—the "referee". The soundscape, in its role as an intra-regulatory active agent, traverses diverse notions of time for the living creature and the gest. In E’ TO ME, this convergent space is perceived as an inclusive, fluid, hyperbolic, floatative, concave threshold. Through pre-agreement, it facilitates a unique and engaging experience for all involved.

Transmedia artist, host-sentinel (choreographer, dancer, artistic director) researcher, soundscape composer, he considered sound creatures, and educator, Anani Sanouvi was born in Togo, grew up in Gabon, lived in Senegal, Belgium, and Holland. Currently resides in between Portugal and Brazil.
The artist is acclaimed for his ability to transit in different traditions, places, and fields, co-founded the transmedia art collective Kawin in 2016, where - together with Brazilian artist Christiane da Cunha - he researches the transtemporal, transcultural, and IN-disciplinary nature of their artistry and animist cultural backgrounds nowadays.